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About Smart Barre & Pilates

Smart Barre is the premier boutique fitness studio in San Antonio that combines yoga, Pilates & ballet for the perfect full body low impact workout.

Experience a full-body low impact workout from a variety of classes that target strength, cardio, flexibility, and mindfulness for all ages and fitness levels.

Long, lean, and toned muscles along with confidence and community will keep you coming back for more.

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How Does a Barre Class Work?

Our barre classes are a full-body, low-impact workout that combines the best elements of Pilates, yoga and ballet. Because it’s low-impact, there’s no heavy strain on joints as you might get with spin classes or cross-training. Our barre classes will help you strengthen your upper body, legs, the gluteus muscles, your abdominals, and the entire core. We also offer separate Pilates, Yoga, and Bounce rebounder classes that are open to all ages and fitness levels.

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